This highly interactive and enriching Honest Conversations workshop will strengthen your relationships, build confidence and respect when handling sensitive issues and furthermore, enhance your performance in understanding your own needs and those of others.  This session will be empowering and rewarding and may have a profound effect on the way you start to think and live.  You will leave with a deepened experience and knowledge of how to have honest conversations.

Honest Conversations​​


This one day engaging and fun session is aimed at Directors, Managers, Supervisors and anyone who would like to raise their awareness and confidence and feel empowered to engage in difficult or deeper conversations. 


  • Create awareness and adapt new language and communication techniques.
  • Adopt a ‘Coaching Style’ of leadership.
  • Develop aptitude and explore how our beliefs can limit or excel us.
  • Practice new skills and behaviours.
  • Become aware of the responsibility shift from ‘them’ to ‘me’.
  • Learn how to appreciate and accept other peoples views gracefully and adopt a solution focused attitude.
  • Remove barriers and understand relationship differences.
  • Understand the importance of choosing the ‘right’ time and effects of body language, tone of delivery and environment.
  • Learn how not to fear difficult responses or negative feedback.



The workshop is designed to benefit you by:

  • Becoming aware of how conversations are delivered and received will strengthen possibilities and potential and enrich your relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Build your confidence and be able to address sensitive issues in a non-judgmental and caring manner.
  • Learn new skills such as choice of words, listening and reflection to enhance your performance and gain respect.
  • Raise your awareness of other’s needs and how to address these in an honest and meaningful way whilst remaining respectful.
  • Be an enabler to work and live as authentically as you chose to in that moment.


The workshop is designed to benefit the employer by:

  • A return on investment with a happier, loyal workforce resulting in employee retention.
  • Colleagues who ‘buy’ into and support your business though its vision and values, therefore, meeting operational goals and targets and client expectations.
  • Colleagues who wish to engage and behave at a more coherent level within their teams and with their peers.
  • Colleagues begin to live a more transparent culture where honesty and sharing at appropriate levels become the norm.


Date:                                         New date coming soon!
Duration:                                1 day
Time:                                         9.30am – 4.30pm
Location:                                 TBC
Trainer:                                    Lisa Esslemont
No of attendees:                10 max.
Cost:                                          £195.00 pp​ (excl VAT)

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.
This course can also be provided on an in-house and bespoke basis.  Prices will be quoted on application, please Contact  us  for more information.


For more information or to book your place  Contact us.


"The course was very interesting, relevant and useful to me in my role, to help me support managers working more effectively with employees to avoid situations escalating."  Joanne Brogan, HR Advisor, Aquascot

"Another great course by Redstart UK!  I learnt a great deal of useful skills and techniques that I can implement straight away."  Morven-May MacCallum, Author

"I came apprehensive about having to have difficult conversations, but now feel I have tools and confidence to have 'honest conversations'."  Julie Calder, Birchwood Highland

"I think it was a good topic for training.  Honesty in all aspects, including conversations, is fundamental and it worked well."  Farhat Raza, Head of Technical, Aquascot

"Useful, practical advice for progressing difficult work situations with honest conversations."  Dan Tomes, Regional Manager, RSPB

"Very good, had open, honest conversations!"  Louise Brown, HR Advisor, Walkers Shortbread

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