Public Courses
Available to all, public training courses are an affordable and great way to network with peers from other organisations, they provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights from other employers and industry sectors and offer a safe learning environment away from colleagues and outside the workplace.
Choose to attend a public training course if:

  • you are looking for a cost-effective way to train a small number of employees;
  • you want to network with peers with similar objectives;
  • you want to share learning and experiences with a wider range of people.

We also provide bespoke training programmes, perfectly tailored for your organisation.
Forthcoming EVENTS
  1. Leadership development
    Spey Leadership Journey (SLJ)
    Why is this important? There are so many reasons why leadership is important, it all depends on the individual, what they want to achieve and the context they are operating in – it’s complicated! What is clear is that leadership is needed for organisations to succeed and grow. Living in times of rapid and increasing rate of change, the capacity of people to sense and respond has never been more important. What will happen? The SLJ is a 3 day descent of the River Spey by canoe using the path of one of the most majestic rivers in Scotland to inspire and shape our story. This is an immersive experiential journey that provides the opportunity to push the leadership boundaries, see the world from a different perspective and hone leadership skills in a real-life context. The SLJ has generic themes around sustainability, high performing teams, building resilience, emotional intelligence and negotiating complex environments that sit alongside the flexibility to cater for and focus on individual perspectives and needs, ensuring that participants gain learning and development that is relevant to them and the contexts they work in. Who should attend? The Spey Leadership Journey is aimed at experienced managers. The programme will aid their continued professional development and offers an opportunity to assist individuals with achieving their business goals through a 360 style appraisal, group coaching and support. REDSTART UK ARE WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE HLP.
  2. New date coming soon!
    YOU, Re-energised
    In today's fast-paced, 24/7 world, it's easy for us to become disconnected. Distant from our family and friends, disengaged at work and out of touch with what is really important to us. This one-day course, run by dedicated and enthusiastic instructors, will allow you to make meaningful changes that have a positive impact on all aspects of your personal and professional life. - Re-energise your working life - Re-energise your relationships - Re-energise YOU! “YOU, Re-energised” can be life changing! Giving you more energy, the ability to focus that energy on what is important to you and the mental toughness to sustain the changes. EVENT DETAILS Date: Soon to be announced! Duration: 1 day Time: 9am – 5pm Venue: TBC Trainer: Mike O'Connell and John Grocott Cost: £295.00 pp
  3. New date coming soon!
    Honest Conversations
    This highly interactive and enriching Honest Conversations Workshop will strengthen your relationships, build confidence and respect when handling sensitive issues and furthermore, enhance your performance in understanding your own needs and those of others. This session will be empowering and rewarding and may have a profound effect on the way you start to think and live. You will leave with a deepened experience and knowledge of how to have honest conversations. The workshop is perfect for Directors, Managers, Supervisors and anyone who would like to raise their awareness and confidence and feel empowered to engage in difficult or deeper conversations. EVENT DETAILS Date: Soon to be announced! Duration: 1 day Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm Venue: TBC Trainer: Lisa Esslemont Cost: £195.00 pp (inc lunch and refreshments)
    Watch this space for more details.
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