Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers had to say about our HR and training services.
  1. Anne Allan, Head of HR
    "We would recommend using Redstart UK, not just for a Dignity at Work training programme but any other training requirement, as they take a more bespoke, holistic approach that we have found beneficial." (Dignity at Work Training)
  2. HR Advisor, HIE
    "All the information has been hugely valuable. Thank your a fantastic couple of days! I will definitely set myself a 30 day challenge." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  3. Lisa Sturgess, Manager
    "An excellently delivered course. This has helped me to reconnect with the important things in my life and has given me the tools and strategies I need to create changes." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  4. Fiona Scott, Kincraig Castle Hotel
    "Most helpful was getting us to took at our values and mission statement and look at 'where we are now' and 'where we would like to be'. Sometimes we just need a good boot to kick start change in the right direction." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  5. Michael Golding, Manager
    "Excellent at clarifying core values then giving you a strategic play to work towards them." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  6. Russell Murray, Wilderness Scotland
    "An energetic duo who shed that expertly shed the light on you, who you are and where you are going!" (YOU, Rediscovered)
  7. Morven-May MacCallum, Author
    "Brilliant! Clever use of material. Very engaging and humorous. Cannot find fault. John and Mike are excellent at what they do and are a pleasure to have met." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  8. HIE Manager
    "Helped me do a full re-circle of my life and allowed and given me the tools and confidence to move forward after a couple of years in the wilderness and being in a bad situation. Mike and John are excellent trainers. Good flow to the course." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  9. Hayley Gitsham, Program Manager
    "Would you like to gain insight into your life goals, and clarity into what drives you? If so, do this course!" (YOU, Rediscovered)
  10. Employee, Balcas
    "Had a very enjoyable day. Learnt some interesting facts that I never knew before and perhaps should have." (Dignity at Work Training)
  11. Emily Stokes, Chief Executive
    "An enjoyable and thought provoking course helping you to evaluate what is important in your life and your next steps to help you back onto that path or ways to start afresh." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  12. Sarah, Solicitor
    "The course helped me to re-evaluate things, put everything into perspective and helped me to see a way forward. A huge thank you to John and Mike for making the start of the journey enjoyable and one I want to continue on." (YOU, Rediscovered)
  13. Helen Herd, Senior HR Manager
    "An engaging and thought-provoking session on Dignity at Work for a group of our line managers. Natalie's style and approach help create an open and supportive environment to help explore what is an important, and at times really challenging issue for line managers to deal with. The session was able to challenge perceptions around bullying, harassment and victimisation and brought home the potential impact on individuals and the organisation of not addressing unacceptable workplace behaviour." (Dignity at Work Training)
  14. Jane MacPhee, Business Owner
    “This is one of the heroes that does the behind the scenes stuff that keeps us going. Natalie has been outstanding in keeping us on track as a new business. Response to random messages is immediate with an answer or direction to all queries. I'd strongly recommend to any business, new or established, big or small. Professional in all aspects but realistic and great fun!” (Retained HR Service)
  15. Joanne Brogan, HR Advisor
    "The course was very interesting, relevant and useful to me in my role, to help me support managers working more effectively with employees to avoid situations escalating." (Honest Conversations Workshop)
  16. Louise Brown, HR Advisor
    "Very good, had open, honest conversations!" (Honest Conversations Workshop)
  17. Dan Tomes, Regional Reserves Manager
    "A great course with excellent facilitators that covered how to make the first step in a life changing journey." (YOU, Re-energised)
  18. George Campbell, Regional Director
    "Stimulating course, with good content and expertly delivered." (YOU, Re-energised)
  19. Annabel Mowat, Chief Executive Deputy
    "Today more than met my expectations. Some really good learning in a safe environment which will help me to make really positive changes in my day to day." (YOU, Re-energised)